Best Sportsbars

Dumaguete is possessed of more than a few sweet spots to take in a live band or a televised sporting event.  Here, we are going to take a look at two of these offerings, both of them conveniently located south of the city center.



Octagon Sportsbar

Hours: Open every day 8 AM to whenever the last band plays.
Aircon: No – Purpose-built open air seating
Wifi: Yes
Cost: Low
Facebook: Octagon Sportsbar
Tripadvisor: Octagon Sportsbar (4.5 Stars – 12 reviews)

Ocatagon was purpose-built as an open-air sportsbar and held its grand opening in April of 2015.  A popular hangout any day of the week, they have live bands on Saturday and Sunday evenings, open mike on Wednesday nights and regularly host special sporting events on their big-screen TVs (boxing, football, rugby and the like).  The food is quite good and their best sellers include baguette sandwiches (bread from the French bakery) and cheeseburgers.  The interior space is HUGE – easily the biggest in the city when it comes to this type of business. In addition to the main restobar, they is also a French bakery on the grounds and a dive shop. As for sporting events, Octagon boasts three gigantic TVs, so there’s basically not a bad seat in the house.  Staff is attentive, polite and constantly hustling about to provide service – you’ll actually see them running around on weekend nights when things really get going. Oh, and there’s a sweet billiards table as well.

Google Map
Heading south on the national highway, Octagon Sportsbar is located on the right side of the road about 1 KM past the Dumaguete city limits sign (just past the FilOil gas station). It is set back a bit from the road, so keep a look out for the sign!




Gie-Gie’s Sportsbar

Hours: Open all week 7 AM to 11 PM
Aircon: Yes!!
Wifi: Yes
Cost: Low
Facebook:  Gie-Gie’s Sportsbar
Tripadvisor: Gie-Gie’s Sportsbar (4.5 Stars – 56 reviews)

Gie-Gie’s is a popular hangout among the city’s extensive foreign population that offers tasty food, ice-cold beer and televised sporting events. The best-selling offerings are their delicious subs, hamburgers and pulled-pork sandwiches.  Every order comes with a little tub of hand-made Italian giardiniera – oh, yeah, baby!  Wednesdays and Saturdays see Paco from Paco’s Tacos coming in to serve up Mexican food and Sundays feature Robert from Bertilicious serving up sushi.  Although Octagon is bigger and boasts more televisions, Gie-Gie’s is the place to go if it’s an overly hot day or you simply have a hankering for a yummy submarine sandwich.

Google Map

Gie-Gie’s is located about a kilometer south of Robinson’s Mall on the national road and about 3 KMs from the boulevard.  If taking a trike, ask for a “special ride” there – about 50-60 pesos.  Keep an eye out for the sign which is on the right as you are heading south.