Best Grocery Shopping

Best Dumaguete Grocery Shopping


Hours:  Seven days a week 9 AM – 7 PM
: Yes

Wifi:  Yup – in the food court

Hypermart is my go-to destination when the larder is low and it’s time to load up on groceries.  In appearance, it resembles an American Costco or Sam’s Club –  a gigantic open space with rows of aisles topped by warehouse-style pallet shelving.  Unlike some other shopping centers, items are typically ‘in stock’ at Hypermart – I have had more luck shopping there than at any of Robinson’s stores.  Hypermart is a good destination to stock up on soda, canned goods, olive oil, imported chicken, spices, snacks and nearly anything else you need. Foreigners are drawn to Hypermart for their decent selection of imported foods.  Like their downtown counterpart (Lee’s Plaza), Hypermart also carries a good number of dry goods like pots and pans, glassware, plates, storage containers and just about anything else you could possible hope to find.  They also have a sporting goods/hardware store, a Rose Pharmacy and the food court there is usually stocked full of young Filipinos and Filipinas from the nearby SPI business product outsourcing (BPO) center.  (One of the little restos out there sells a ‘three-cheese sandwich’ for a bit over a buck that is actually pretty good.)  I also have the slightest sneaking suspicion that whoever is in charge of the human resources department there is also a bit of lech due to the preponderance of lovely female staff. Hypermart is a popular destination for both foreigners and Filipinos, so try to come during weekdays – weekends there can be rather congested.

Hypermart is located on the Valencia-Dumaguete road.  Heading north from Robinson’s Mall, it’s about 2 kilometers up on the right – keep an eye out for the “LP” sign.  Mandaue Foam is to the left of the road (great place for good quality furniture) and a 7-11 store  (5 peso ice cream cones) is just next to that.


Robinson’s Place Mall
Robinson’s Place is more commonly referred to as either “The Mall” or – more simply – “Rob” to the denizens of Dumaguete.  Opening in 2009, it was the city’s first dedicated mall.  Size-wise, it’s not all that impressive compared to its bigger brethren in Manila and Cebu, but at 45,000 square meters, it provides sizeable air-conditioned hangout with lots of shops, arcades and restaurants.  In all, The Rob has over 100 stores scattered about its two floors.  A Robinson’s Supermarket is also located here as is a movie theater for those looking to take in a quick flick.  (If you are seeing a movie, try to time it when the kids are in school – otherwise, it can be a pretty loud and annoying experience.) 

Notables:  Art and supply store.  Apple Store.  Spyder Helmet store.  Sporting goods.  Globe. Smart. 
Restos:  Mooon’s is a good eatery.  Mang Inasal (pecho!).

Hours: Seven days a week – 10 AM to 8 PM
: Oh hell yeah!

Wifi:  Some areas.
Facebook: Robinson’s Place Mall

The Rob is located in the southeast corner of Dumaguete City.  Everyone knows where it is, so if you get lost, just ask for directions.  Special rides on a trike from the city center should be about 20 pesos or so (it’s not that far).