Beach Getaways

A favorite getaway of mine consists of loading up my scooter with beach gear and heading down to the Marine Sanctuary at Dauin where one can chillax to their heart’s content like a true beach hobo gangster.  Finding ways to unwind and relax is pretty easy in Dumaguete.  One of the easiest is simply heading south to the town of Dauin, walking (or riding) down to the waterfront, tossing out your beach mat (150 peosos/$3 USD at Unitop) and falling back under the pleasant shaded sand.  Two little day resorts are located on the map below – Uzi’s Beach which is a family-run day resort and Romana Alar which is a bigger locale that provides nipa hut rentals for larger groups of people seeking solace from the congestion and heat of the city.  Uzi’s Beach (named after their massive dog) is more appropriate for couples, but they also provide plastic tables and chairs for small groups of 4-6 people.  (Also available at Uzi’s are lounge chair rentals for who don’t want to lay back on a beach mat or towel.) Romana – which is the bigger day resort – has covered table and chair huts that can comfortably hold up to 15 people.  Shower/bathing facilities as well as changing areas/CR’s are available at both resorts. For those seeking to rent snorkeling gear (or flotation vests for the swimming-challenged), Uzi’s Beach has a good amount of gear you use.  There is also a little sari-sari store bar at Uzi’s where you can get snacks and drinks, and a number of Filipino ice treat vendors are usually strolling up and down the beach announcing their wares.

Uzi’s Beach and Romana Alar front a very nice reef that is a designated marine sanctuary.  It was pretty beat up by super-typhoon in 2012, but it has recovered pretty well since.  Snorkeling about you will see hordes of colorful reef fish, glittering corals and the occasional barracuda, sea snake or turtle.

NOTE: This area of the beach is well shaded, so you won’t have to worry about frying under the fierce tropical sun.

What to Bring:  Bathing suit, beach mat, sunscreen, snorkeling gear, money for snacks, positive attitude.

Food: The Dauin Dive Cafe is just up at the head of the dirt road to Uzi’s and Romana Alar.  The food there is QUITE good and they have received 4.5 starts from Trip Advisor with 147 reviews.  You can find out more on the resto HERE.

Price: Negligible.  Parking costs about 20 pesos and use of the beach will about double that.  Renting the huts at Romana Alar will run about 500 pesos/$12 USD but you’ll be splitting that with up to a dozen other party members.

Getting There
The town of Dauin is about 17 KM’s south of Dumaguete. You can get there from the Ceres Bus Terminal near Robinson’s Mall or just flag down a bus or jeepney along the South National Road.  For those with their own scooters, just follow the map below.  If it’s your first time on a scooter here, just take it slow – parts of the national road can be a little scary at times, especially at night!